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Chilli Chicken

Crispy morsels of chickens finished with spring onion, chilies and garlic, tossed to perfection in a  wok


Mongolian Chicken

Wok fried Tender supreme of chicken marinated in peanut paste and crushed red chillies, a must for chicken lovers!


Jeera Chicken

A warm chicken dish with a hint of ginger, garlic, cumin and coriander. You'll be left wondering why you didn't try this before.


Chicken Tikka

These are little tandoori flavour bombs. Chicken tikka is perfect party food and an Indian classic


Hariyali Chicken Tikka

a classic North Indian starter of chicken flavoured with fresh green herbs, mint and coriander leaves


Pili Pili Chicken

This chicken is simply divine. Generously rubbed with exotic spices and grilled to perfection

Garlic Basil tikka

Chicken rolled in garlic, pine nuts, basil and lemon juice An eclectic combination. Finished in clay oven

Malai Tikka

a mouth-watering juicy grilled chicken recipe, with chicken pieces in a creamy marination


Chicken Pakora

These addictively delicious & crunchy chicken bites are not only flavour packed but are also tender & juicy

Chicken Samosa

Curried chicken wrapped in a delicate triangular pastry


Chatpate Chicken Lollipop

Chicken wings with garlic, soya sauce and spicy tomato sauce, can be dry on request

Szechwan Chicken

A tingly hot semi-dry dish that packs in lots of flavour, but with an Indian twist


*Szechwan Duck

Crispy duck pieces in a rich and spicy sauce


*Tandoori Duck Tikka

Forget about chicken tikka, up the ante with spicy duck tikka,

which can be served hot or cold


Seekh Kebab

Minced meat slathered in a bowl of spices and grilled to perfection;

Full of juice and flavour


*Chop Lajawab

Lamb chops marinated overnight in traditional mughlai spices and cooked in the tandoor, a  treat for the taste buds


Peppered Lamb

Pan seared Tender pieces of lamb tossed with peppercorn, peppers and selected spices, a beautiful creation by our master chef!


*Kakori Kebab

A lamb recipe dating back to the times of Maharani Jodha Bai that found pride-of-place on the Dastarkhwan of nobility of Avadh


Shahi Galwat Ke Galouti

A delicacy favoured by the nawabs of Lucknow, this minced lamb kebab is so soft that it literally melts in your mouth. A tribute to royal India

Chilli Lamb Tikka

These small pieces of lamb have several layers of flavour, a mild heat, and are wonderfully aromatic

Machli ke Pakore

Crisp fried talapia battered with an earthy array of spices

*Dill Salmon Tikka

Scottish salmon marinated with fenugreek, dill, yoghurt and mustard;

flame cooked in a tandoor oven

Mahi Machli Tikka 

Fresh tilapia marinated in fresh spices and cooked on coals 

*Tandoori Jhinga

Fresh water King prawns rolled in a tangy marinade and tandoor cooked

*Additional charges may apply

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