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Bombay Pav Bhaji (v)

A fast food dish from India. It consists of a thick vegetable curry served with mini soft bread rolls. Its origins are in the state of Maharashtra


Mumbai Sandwich (v)

Mumbai is the called the city of dreams and is the home of Bollywood! The specialty of this dish is the generous use of masalas and chutneys in every layer


Trio Tikki (v)

Skewered potato cakes lightly spiced and naturally coloured with beetroot, mint & spinach


Garlic Mushroom Cups (v)

Sweet and spicy mushrooms served in bamboo cups


Aloo Chaat Croustade (v)

Traditional chaat flavours in an edible crispy cup

Cocktail Samosa (v)

Mini potato filled pastry triangles served with chutney


Bhindi Fries (v)

An okra twist on traditional potato fries


Sev Tikki (v)

A crispy potato and jalapeno cake which will steal the show!  


Mini Dosa (v)

A South Indian staple of a crepe filled with a spiced filling and coconut chutney


Pani Puri (v)

Delhi’s famous water balls with chickpea and potato stuffing..a classical  favourite


Butter Chicken Sliders

Just as good as they sound! Mini burger buns packed full of delicious butter chicken


*Mini Raan Burgers

Tender pulled lamb served in a mini bap


Traffic Light Tikka

Because one type of chicken tikka is not enough! Hariyali, Mango and Tandoori chicken on a skewer


Shami Kebab

A twist on a much loved Seekh Kebab with an egg batter and fried


Chicken Momos

A Nepalese delicacy served with a spicy dip

*Satay Chicken Skewers

This Indonesian influenced dish will have your guests going nuts!


Amritsari Fish and Chips

Freshwater fish pakoras served with potato chips; homage to a Birtish favourite!


*Tempura Prawns

Crispy battered prawns with a sweet chilli dip


*Wasabi Prawns

Marinated in green wasabi, this dish is not for the faint hearted!

*Additional charges may apply

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